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Joy Dance Academy

Mixed Levels | Ages 2 & Up

Joy Dance Academy is a non-competitive recreational dance school. We pride our studio on creativity, technique, individuality, and most importantly, the Joy in dance. At Joy Dance Academy, we believe that the relationship between dance and happiness go hand in hand. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment for our dancers to explore and create their own personal relationship with dance.

“We believe that the art of dance will bring joy, happiness and physical well-being to all who participate. We strive to provide quality dance training in a nurturing atmosphere while our students find their Joy in Dance.”

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Classes run from September-May unless otherwise mentioned

Full Year Class | Quarterly Payments

30 Minute Class: $135.00 (x4)

45 Minute Class: $145.00 (x4)

60 Minute Class: $150.00 (x4)

Full Year Class | Payment in Full

30 Minute Class: $540.00

45 Minute Class: $580.00

60 Minute Class: $600.00

Sessions Classes

Mini Joy: $100.00 (4 Week session)

Session 1: Dates TBD

Session 2: Dates TBD

Session 3: Dates TBD

Little Joy: $260.00 (12 Week Session)

Session 1: Dates TBD

Session 2 (recital session): Dates TBD

Recital Fee: $200.00 + $75.00 for each additional class

The recital fee is an all-inclusive fee that covers your dancer's

costume, tights, recital t-shirt, recital video, rehearsal fees and

childcare backstage. It is an additional $75 for each additional 

class your dancer is in.






Tori King & Michelle Rosante

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