Mother’s Day Yoga Class

Enjoy this Special Yoga class dedicated to Mother’s and their families. Share an hour of peaceful and transformative yoga with Charlotte LaGuardia.
Saturday, May 9th at 11am
$20 for first individual / $5 for each additional family member.

Jump Bunch Soccer Clinics

Starts April 11, ends May 16th
9am-9:45am Ages 3-6
10am-11am: Ages 7-10
$100 per clinic

Fitness Classes Spotlight
New Pilates Classes at SYS!
Tuesday and Thursday
8 – 8:45 am
Beginner mat class targeting all the major muscle groups.
Taught by Charlotte LaGuardia

Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00am
New Wednesday at 5:30pm
Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement,” and Vinyasa yoga is a series of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling. Vinyasa movements are smoothly flowing and almost dance-like, which explains why it is sometimes referred to as Vinyasa Flow or just Flow
Fit Fusion
Monday and Thursday at 5:45pm  - Designed to work every element of your body in an energy releasing workout!  - Cardio, plyometric and endurance training. - Great for athletes in training and individuals looking to turn their workout up a notch! Pre – register for April. 6 people must be registered for the class to be held.
Monthly – $50 for members / $75 for non- members
Medicine Ball Madness
Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00am

Forty minutes of a total body workout using nothing but a medicine ball. This class is designed to build a rock solid core, burn fat and target all major muscle groups. Monthly – $50 for Members / $75 for non-members
Flex for Life Friday at 10:45am Flex for life, uses a technique known as Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a method used to build and maintain strength and flexibility necessary for maintaining a life time of activity. $5 for members  - per class $10 for Non Members – per class 

Congratulations –  SYS Hoops League Winners

3rd and 4th Grade  - East Hampton 1
5th and 6th Grade Girls – Moriches Youth Organization
5th and 6th Grade Boys – Moriches Youth Organization

VictorElmaleh-150x150Victor Elmaleh (1918 – 2014) Southampton  Youth Services mourns the passing of Victor Elmaleh, a pioneer in the development of the game of squash and the founder of the Elmaleh – Stanton Squash Center at SYS / Southampton Town Recreation Center. His love and passion for the game will be sadly missed.