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No Karate Class on Saturday, September 23rd.
Sensei Kanani and Sensei Helene would love for you to join them volunteering during the Hamptons Marathon
handing out water and gatorade. Below is the map showing you were to find your fellow Karate classmates.
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****Special Offer *** 3 Month Sign up with FREE Uniform $150 per month

Karate – Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate
Mondays & Wednesdays

4:15 pm to 5 pm Beginners “Little Ninja” Class:  3 to 6 years
4 pm – 5 pm – Children Class –  Beginners and Intermediate: 7 years +
6 to 7 Pm  Advanced and Adult Class (Beginner adults are welcome)
10:15am to 11am Little Ninja Class: 4 years +
11:15 am – 12:30 pm  General Karate Class: All ages and levels.

Family discounts are available.

*** Karate is a great way to spend time with your child.  Parents are able to join the same level classes with their children. 


Elite Karate Program  at SYS.

The JKA Hamptons celebrates its fourth year with Sensei Kanani as the Chief Instructor. Sensei Kanani for the new Members is one of the highest caliber black belts and instructors in traditional Karate in the USA and worldwide.

Sensei Kanani’s accomplishments are not just in karate training but helping children and adults to improve physically, mentally and spiritually in all aspects of there life’s. “The ultimate goal of karate lays not in winning or defeat it lays in the improvement of ones character”

The JKA Hamptons is not just a generic karate program as so many others around this area. The JKA Hamptons Traditional Karate program and curriculum is taught worldwide, it is the current Olympic style of Karate, Shotokan and also is the chosen Karate style of the Japan Ministry of Education. Sensei Kanani was one of the few direct students of the highest authority in Traditional Karate in Japan and worldwide for over 30 years, Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama.

SYS has offered this successful, continuously growing, elite karate program here for the past 13 years under the direction of Sensei Helene Ely. Sensei Ely is proud to have Sensei Kanani on board not only to offer more to the students but also to continue her own study under Sensei Kanani.

Please note that our karate program is demanding high standards of all students and the proper Budo etiquette. Sportsmanship and dedication to the art and respect for all participants and the instructors is a requirement.

We always suggest to new members to try it out for 3 month and see if the karate program will enhance your or your child’s life and we encourage everyone to set goals especially to become a black belt.

For more information please visit our website at www.sysinc.org or www.jkasd.com


Helene Ely
JKA Hamptons
Assistant Instructor

SYS Karate Program as of October 1st 2016

Fee Schedule (Tuition paid to SYS)

Monthly $ 159 per person (3 times a week)
There are no refunds on monthly sign ups!
Monthly $ 139 per person (1 time per week)
There are no refunds on monthly sign ups!

Please note: Contracts are not refundable !
12 month contract 1 person $ 139 per month
3 month 1 person contract $ 150
6 month 1 person contract $ 149
1 month – 2 people $ 249
12 month contract for 2 people $ 239
1 month – 3 people $ 299
12 month contract for 3 people $ 279
1 month 4 people $ 359
12 month contract for 4 people $ 339

Additional Fees for the Karate Program  ( Paid to JKA Hamptons)

JKA Annual Membership single person $ 85
JKA Annual Membership Family $ 145

Testing fees:
$ 75 each full level
$ 50 stripes / 2 per level
Yellow, orange, green, blue and purple
3 levels of brown testing fee each $ 95
1 Black Belt Level Testing fee $ 300
Certificates fee $ 25 up to purple
$ 50 brown belt $ 300 Black Belt

Kanani is an authority worldwide in Japanese Karate (Shotokan). He teaches and judges regional, national and international events. He also was a successful national and international competitor on the US National karate team for over 20 years.

Check out this Karate Demonstration with Sensei Falah Kanani, 6th Dan & Ernesto Rodriguez, 1st Dan


regional photo

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