Personal Training

SYS offers personal training for those people who want that extra motivation, sport specific training or want to be taken to the next level of their personal fitness.  Each member of our personal training team is motivated to help get you or a family member to their optimal fitness potential.

Fitness Director: Christy Sachtleben: NASM CPT
Special Certifications: Nutrition, Prenatal and Postpartum.
Instructor: Spin; Boot Camp; Weekend Warriors; Water Aerobics: Strength Balance and Tone.
Focusing on Teen and Senior Fitness.


Tom “Coach” Finocchiaro SET   Specialist in Exercise Therapy
Instructor: Spin, Strength, Balance and Tone.
Tom can provide clients with a supervised fitness therapy program specifically designed around his/her condition and the fitness constraints of the client.


Analisa Johnson, ISSA CFT AFAA Group
Instructor: Cardio Blast, Spin


Dan Durnin, ISSA

Dan Durnin